Friday, October 12, 2012

Barn Quilts

Over the past two years I have noticed a few quilt squares on the sides of barns throughout Kentucky.  This summer Riley did a sewing project for 4-H and I asked one of the seasoned instructors about them.  Lo and behold, she proudly gave me a map of all the barn quilts in the county. 
That, with the much anticipated arrival of some changing fall foliage, was the beginning of our "barn adventures".
We grab our map, a fudge sundae from McDonald's or an apple icee from Reid's Orchard and hit the road. 

The girls were a bit skeptical at first, but ended up being completely fascinated with our first stop.  We typed the coordinates into the GPS and were here in about 15 minutes:

There was a friendly (possibly intoxicated) farmer at the WTF barn that chatted with us for a while.  As we pulled away Charlotte leaned out the window and yelled, "AND WE GO TO THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS!"
Own it, sister.
Apparently she knows it, she lives it and she loves it. 

Quilt two wasn't near as exciting.

 And quilt three was quite confusing.  Just out there in the middle of a field.  We had to take some extreme back roads to get to a point where we could photograph it with my strongest lens.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Freckles and Trains

Hard to see 'em, but they are there.

A friend from the branch gave us all of her son's train tracks. 
Carver is now obsessed with all things Thomas.

Championship Race 2012

At the championship race the top 30 runners in each division get t-shirts.
Riley ran her fastest time (by about 20 seconds!) to snag 28th place. *5 min 56 seconds

Macie ran one of her slowest times but still managed to come in 13th place! 
She ran it in 6 min 23 seconds, but I think her fastest was 6 min 14 seconds.