Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Here We Have Idaho!

With the exception of a three hour layover in Denver, we drove straight from Owensboro to Salt Lake City this year. But it was fine. It's never really bad.  The kids are troopers.
And Todd is a saint.
We stayed the night at Brad's house, played all day on the Fourth of July with Rich's family at the Roy water park, spent the fifth sliding at Grandma's house, then set off for the Carver family reunion. 
With a stop at Palisades for some water skiing, of course.

Charlotte's hair warned us of an approaching lightening storm. 

After a few hours on the lake we made our way up to West Piney for the reunion.

 Duck Tape fashion show-

Church in the mountains: jeans, tennis shoes and beverages acceptable.

Grandma's paracord bracelets were a huge hit-

Emily's Cameron was also a big hit-

Carver went down the slide hundreds of times by himself.  Always lying down so he could get more speed! He would hike up those stairs with his carpet over and over and over...unless he saw me or Todd; then he would just scream and cry at the bottom until one of us carried him up.
To say the least, he spent a lot of time outside, and we spent a lot of time trying not to be seen.

The greatest part of any reunion: COUSINS!

So thankful for Uncle John and all the hard work he put in to make this reunion a success!

Many, but definitely not all, of Norm and LuJean Carver's descendants-
I am so amazingly thankful for these people.  I feel so blessed to have this wonderful heritage, and I am eternally grateful that I know I can be with these people forever, thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Georgia Wedding

Amy married Dave Popp on June 15th.
Lucky for us, she got married and is now living right outside Atlanta!

It is only about a five hour drive for us.

Of course. 

There were many fun pre-wedding festivities-

 Carv impersonating Grandpa Johnson-

And the wedding was beautiful.  A beautiful location with even more beautiful people!
Amy's new family-

The entire wedding was fun for everyone.  Bottled soda, a popcorn bar, a candy buffet, gourmet food,
glow necklaces, twinkly lights, dancing, sparklers...it was a party!

Kentucky Summer Part II

Not gonna lie.  
Even though this summer has been really mild, most activities involve water or indoor air-conditioning. 

We visit the splash pad in between pool sessions.  Keeping things fresh.