Saturday, June 22, 2013


We go to Nashville quite a bit, but when we do we usually just go to the temple and shopping. I decided we needed to go and do all the touristy stuff on Memorial Day.

We started at Cumberland Park and Pedestrian Bridge.
(Let's go ahead and blame the humidity for my huge hair that day.)

 Right after this pic, Todd catapulted Macie off the other end, 
bruising her head and making a cut behind her ear.

Then we walked over the bridge and down Broadway to eat at Todd's fave, Jack's BBQ.

On our way back from Jack's we stopped in at Tootsie's bar for some live music.  It was SO fun!  I would have never thought to go with the kids, but a guy outside said it was all ages until 8, so we popped in.  The music was great! The singer asked the girls where we were from, Riley replied with Owensboro, and he proceeded to sing We're From the Country, only he substituted "We're from Kentucky".
I think it was the highlight of the trip for most of us!

We went to the Opryland Hotel, but it was kind of lame.

Then we finished with shopping and dinner at Rain Forest Cafe.
The gorillas were a little creepy at first, but everyone was happy by the end of our meal :)


We celebrated the last day of school by doing a giant slip and slide down the hill in the Orton's backyard.

Morgan, Grandma and Mammoth Caves

Morgan is working at ClimbWorks again, so she and Grandma drove out together and Grandma flew home.
I never feel like I am a very good hostess.  After they left I thought of the things that we should have done. Mostly the kids just want to play and ride bikes and read stories with our visitors, 
so that is what we end up doing.  
This time we did break norm and visit Mammoth Caves, which was pretty cool.

 "Fat Man's Misery" was pretty miserable for the tall man as well, but just right for Carver.

  We were so glad they came a stayed with us for awhile! 

Mother's Day

I have no idea how I did this motion thing. It just showed up this way when I uploaded to my web album! It is a great visual of how Mother's Day morning was.  Not a lot of cooperation from Charlotte and Carver.

Todd's idea of a funny gift-

We ended the day with a perfect evening ride.  I hauled carver and Macie in the trailer, since Mace was still recovering from her pneumonia episode.
I am so grateful to be a mom.  I admit that is can be really monotonous, and sometimes all I want to do is lock myself in my closet, but the good does outweigh the crazy. 


Macie moved up to pitching machine this year and did really well.

I am pretty sure this is as intense as left field gets.

I got a little bit frustrated with her team because the coaches didn't really "coach" very well.  They had a couple of serious, competitive girls on the team that got all the attention.  Macie was one of the youngest players and didn't get a whole lot of instruction.  But she still had fun.  I think.

Riley's team from the previous two years was dismantled this year, which was a bummer.  They had all really gotten to know and like each other. Riley also moved up from pitching machine to girl pitch. Having the girl's fast pitch often meant a whole lotta walks...but there were a few hits here and there.

Riley usually played second base, and her coaches were awesome.  Coach Travis had the most moving pep talks. Todd and I usually had to split up, with one of us attending Macie's game and one attending Riley's. Macie's games were much more exciting, thanks to the pitching machine, but Riley's post game talks were right up there.  Todd admitted that once he was almost brought to tears.  One time, Coach Travis was talking to them about beating the undefeated team with a crazy good pitcher that no one could hit. He had me so motivated!  It was bizarre. He is a lawyer, and let me tell you, if I am ever in a bind, I feel like that man could win over any judge or jury!
Anyway, they were great at teaching the skills and concepts of the game.  Riley started off pretty shaky, but at the end of the year she got the most improved player award.  Coach Travis talked about how she was so coachable and did every little thing they asked her to.  Said she earned the right to play second base. 
 I cried.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Derby Hat Day

One of the many perks of living in Kentucky-

The Graduate

With her teacher, Ms. Linda-

Charlotte graduated from the Church of Christ Preschool.  She has learned so much.  She is even reading!  At her kindergarten evaluation she got 99/100. Such a smartie pants.