Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Todd is a good dad.
Good dads wear ties made by kindergartners (Macie) to church.
Good dads empty the dishwasher every morning.
Good dads coach sports teams and sit through t-ball games.
Good dads read stories to their kids and tuck them in every night.
Good dads are patient when Mom is not.
Good dads work hard to support their family, and
Good dads honor their priesthood and lead their family.
We are pretty lucky.


All of these flowers are in my backyard. How crazy is that?
Chicago Sunrise


Double Orange

Plum Perfect

Mardi Gra Parade?


Blue Delphinium

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Macie's Prayer

...Please bless Carver that his ear infection will go away. Please bless Riley that her thumb will heal.  Please bless Charlotte that her skin won't be ouchie, and please bless Mom that her zit lotion will make her zits go away...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Or Not

Riley broke her thumb on Tuesday.  It was so dramatic.  Of course, the missionaries were over for dinner, cause chaos only happens when we are trying to have family home evening. We had finished eating and were cleaning up the kitchen.  The kids were all playing in the family room.  Riley started crying and rushed out of the room, but, honestly, I didn't even stop what I was doing.  This isn't uncommon.  After a while she came in the kitchen sobbing and yelling.  I went to the freezer to get her some ice and asked what happened.  She explained, "I was trying to punch Charlotte and she moved so I hit the couch instead."
I immediately started letting her know my feelings about this.
"You were going to hit Charlotte?!  Why on earth were you hitting Charlotte?!"
I took her hands to see what all the fuss was about.  I was a bit shocked to see that her right thumb was clearly broken.  It was all crooked and jacked up.
Seeing the result of this punch made me irate. 
"What if you would have hit your sister like you planned?  You would have seriously hurt her! WHAT were you thinking?! Your thumb is totally broken."
Hearing that is was broken sent Riley into crazy, freak-out mode.  She was sobbing and yelling, "Noooo! Noooo!  I won't be able to play basketball.  I won't be able to play softball!  Noooooo!"
"Yep," I replied, "That is what happens when you are fighting and trying to punch your sister!"
 (I really did feel bad for her.  She had just started basketball camp at the high school and was loving it, and slow pitch softball just started and she was doing exceptionally well. It was sad, but I was still worked up about how it all happened and wasn't showing much sympathy.)
It was 6:45 and there is only one urgent care in this town open past 5:00.  Apparently, in Owensboro, things are only urgent between 9 and 5. 
I got her in the car to get there before it closed at seven.
In the car I ask her again what she was thinking hitting Charlotte and she says, "We were playing karate and she moved!"
Oops.  Karate.  She wasn't punching out of anger.  In my mind that made things a little better.  She wasn't trying to hurt Charlotte necessarily.  But, given the force of the punch, she obviously would have.
So lame.

This is when we got to Convenient Care.  At this point it had swollen enough that you can no longer see the angular deformity.

They did an x-ray, put her in this cast thingy that immobilizes her thumb, and referred us to the orthopedic specialist.

So, Wednesday morning we woke up to a day of doctor appointments.  Coincidentally, we also had visits to the orthodontist and the E.N.T. scheduled.
Riley got her spacer installed.  Now she talks weird.  I try to tolerate it.
Carver still has fluid in his ears, but his hearing is completely unaffected - as proven by his ability to look at dancing monkeys when they made noises- so we don't have to get tubes!  Yay!
And the orthopedic doc left Riley in the temporary cast and said it should be a quick, easy healing process.  Yay again!
Now if only there was some clerical error and the spacer was free it would have been a magical day!

So, she pretty much watched the next two days at basketball camp and will have to sit softball season out.  She's gonna make some beautiful creations with her left hand at art camp next week and figure out how to sew without using her thumb for some 4-H classes (we aren't over scheduled, we just both know our limits), and the pool, well, we will see what we can come up with.