Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This is Kentucky

I've been thinking about Kentucky a lot lately. 
Maybe because we came really close to leaving.  REALLY close.  Todd got a job offer in Colorado that was incredibly good.  But for some reason that defies all logic, it just didn't feel right.  I still have days where I second guess the whole thing, but I try not to dwell on it and just go forward appreciating all Kentucky has to offer.  Like barns, catfish and lots of signs about Jesus.


I still struggle with church.  I get really frustrated with nursery and primary.  Or, better said, the lack of nursery and primary. 
We actually had a new family from Utah move into our neighborhood and branch last week.  I've tried to appear normal and chill, but I am overly excited.  They have four kids. FOUR kids!!  That doubles the size of primary! They are pretty awesome and it will be great for us (me) to have them here.  Just a little moral support - that's all I need. 
So, here's to going forward in Kentucky...I think. 

Friday, November 2, 2012



Riley made us all individual pumpkin pie with a recipe she got at 4H.  Both girls were signed up for craft classes with 4H and art classes at the art museum over Fall Break, but Macie threw up most of the time and only got to go to two art classes.
We went to Trunnel's Farm for our pumpkins. We've gone to their Fall Festival two years in a row now, so I guess it's tradition. 

We snapped one group shot right as the battery ran out, so no pics of feeding the baby animals, the hay ride, or the corn box :(

Carver rocked Top Gun for the branch chili dinner-

 Grandma Johnson sent a package full of goodies-

On the day of Halloween we went to Southern Star to do a little trick-or-treating before heading to Jade and Jeremy's house for the real deal. 

 Three witches and a monkey!
Carv was adorable trick-or treating. 
At every house he'd get his candy and say, "Udder house, Mom?" just to make sure we weren't done.
Our hostess, Jade.
Carv loves Jade, but her costume made him a little nervous.

And our Host, Jeremy. 
Carv also loves Jeremy, but his costume made Carv VERY nervous. 

We went all around the neighborhood on our ATV pulled hayride (with a bunch of other kids not pictured), then Jeremy lit off awesome fireworks to cap off the night.
Best halloween ever. 

Barn Quilts

Round Two-

America! by Riley

 The third graders at Highland had their musical performance in October.  Riley didn't disappoint.  She is quite theatrical.  I guess all the drama at home is good for something.