Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Keith and Jamie!!

A couple of months ago we decided we needed us some Keith in Kentucky, so we convinced Keith and Jamie to make the trek.  We didn't, however, tell the girls they were coming.  Most of all because it we did, I would have to hear the moaning and complaining about how they weren't here yet. I had Keith's entrance planned to be pretty dramatic and exciting, but we didn't get back from the airport until well after their bedtime so he surprised them when they woke up.  To say they were excited would be an understatement.  
Keith had lunch with them at school, joined us for the piercing of Riley's ears, and endured hours and hours of Macie's cuddling and general mauling from all of them. 

For some reason they convinced Carver it was more fun if he covered his eyes...

Almost forgot the best part!
 When Keith was at lunch with Macie, her little friend ask him, "Are you a rapper?"
If you know Keith at all, you know this is hilarious.  He exudes awesomeness.  It was like this girl could sense he must be a rapper!  I still laugh about it.

Riley is 9

For reals.
 Nine years old. 
She had a friend party and we made headbands.  Christmas headbands with curly ribbon and ornaments and lots of sparkle, and felt headbands with lots of cutting and gluing and creativity.  It was pretty fun!

She was Star Student the week of her birthday so she got to sit at the teacher's desk and do a poster about herself.  We also went and joined her for lunch one day.

          Girl Table                                                                                                              Boy Table

And turning nine meant she FINALLY got to get her ears pierced!

Floors-1 Johnsons-0

After Thanksgiving dinner I noticed a little water under the dishwasher that led to this:
 Unfortunately the little leak had probably been dripping for quite some time, so we had to cut out the bottom of the cabinet under our sink to mop up water.  But Todd replaced the part and it has been fine ever since!  We just have a very large hole under the sink.  I threw a giant cutting board over it and it is good for now...right?
We should have stopped there, but we didn't.
We had plans to rip out our white carpet in two rooms and the floor in the entryway to replace with laminate.  It started out easy enough - the carpet was up and gone with ease.  Then we got to the entryway and discovered the hardwood had been GLUED to the concrete sub floor.  Not good.  Todd ripped up some of it, taking up the concrete floor with it.  It was sickening.  He stopped and we called in the pros.  To make a long story short, after a couple of days the job had changed from DIY with cheap laminate flooring to expensive, professional job with costly (but very nice) engineered hardwood. 
Unfortunately the only date they had for installation was December 26th.  Todd's parents are coming that day, so we had to move it back to January 7th.  It has been the longest two weeks of my life.  I am so not good at waiting.  I have a living room with concrete and an entry room with RIPPED up concrete.  It is super-duper nice. 
I am hoping the anticipation just makes it all worth it and I love it so much that the bill doesn't make me sick all over again. :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

The day before Thanksgiving the girls set up a table in the yard and cajoled the neighbors into paying to have their portraits drawn.
For Thanksgiving we had the Norton's over.
It was like, "Hey, welcome to Kentucky. Can you watch my kids next week? And you will be bringing the rolls and pie when we all gather for Thanksgiving."

Really though, it was a mutual decision to get together.
After last year's turkey debacle I decided to steer clear of turkey and stick to ham. It was a good choice. We kept things simple and had a great time. The kids get along really well, which is more than I could have asked for.

We really get to know people by wrestling them on the trampoline.
Marshmallow and gumdrop turkeys
The kid table-
The adult table-
And hallelujah, we thought to take a picture at the beginning of the day rather than the end!