Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Softball Champs

The Highland Softball Chicks went undefeated and won the Daviess County fast pitch tournament.

 Their coaches are so amazing.  If they won each tournament game they got to do something crazy to them.  They threw water balloons at them one game, pied them in the face another, and put bright red lipstick on them at the last.

The semifinal game was on Sunday, and Riley made the brave decision not to play.  She definitely faced some unexpected ridicule for it, but we are proud of her for making that choice.

Now on to slow pitch!

And then Morgan came to visit!

Autumn was here from the 14th-21st, then Morgan crashed her party by coming on the 18th. 
She (Morgan) is working the summer at ClimbWorks, a zip line company in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  After spending the night in the Vegas airport, she flew to Owensboro for a couple of days, then we drove her to Nashville where she met up with some other Utah State kids she will be working with.

So once again we crossed town to the magnificent Owensboro Airport to pick her up.  Morgan dodged disaster and flew in on a big Allegiant plane.

Owensboro is pretty cool in that the planes land about 25 yards away from you.  Carver loves it.

 Owensboro isn't pretty cool in that they make you walk out the front doors of the airport to pick up your luggage in the parking lot.

Morgan also got to experience softball and tball in some real heat and humidity. 
 (Just easing her in to her Tennessee summer full of sweat and chiggers.)

She also got to see Charlotte's first attempts at no training wheels.
 Started shaky but ended strong.

She says the socks keep her legs from getting scratched up.

Macie's birthday is on the 24th but she insisted we celebrate while Morgan was here.  We went to Real Hacienda so she could wear the big sombrero and be embarrassed.

There's no better way to celebrate being 6!

After a few fun days we headed to Nashville.  Carv got car sick on the way and puked up chunks, but we still made it in time to drop Morgan with strangers in the Costco parking lot. 
Let summer begin!!

I almost forgot!  I must mention how Todd shut Macie's finger in the back door of the van, so I jumped out to open it not realizing the van was in reverse, so Morgan yelled, I almost ran over myself, Autumn hopped back in and threw it into park, I opened the back, Autumn sprinted for ice, but then Macie was totally OK so we called Autumn back and crisis was averted.

And, Autumn's plane was delayed cause there were storms in St. Louis and you can't really fly that tiny plane in or over anything, so she got to stay one more night with us, but on our way to pick her up from the airport again I ran over the garbage can, so I called Todd and told him the 'coons or possums must have gotten into it.  So yeah, Morgan and Autumn officially think I am crazy. And probably Todd, too.

Autumn Came to Visit!

Autumn, the bestest college roommate in the world, came to visit us just five days after we got home from Chicago.  She lives in Minnesota, but she found a good deal on a flight that flew into Owensboro. 
Little did she know she would have to hop on this plane in St. Louis. Yikes!
We were the only people in the whole airport.  Well, us and the two senior citizens that also rode in that tiny plane with her.

Todd was in Kansas City for work the whole week, so Autumn got to experience all the Johnson household has to offer, which is mostly t-ball and softball games, with a little Girl Scouts thrown in for good measure.

Yes, that is me coaching Macie's t-ball team, and I SO wish it wasn't!

Macie's end of year award ceremony for Daisys.

Of course we found time to make Rice Krispie treats!

 Autumn spoiled the kids with all sorts of fun things, including fake snot and ear wax (thanks a lot for that one), crafts, coloring sheets, and these streamer things.  But, like every other person who has visited us, she soon learned all she needed to do to win them over was let them play with her iPhone.

Just when you think you know everything about someone -
I learned that Autumn still likes to take the crust off her PB&J, and she learned that I like to watch lame TV like the Bachelorette and Sister Wives.


Through a series of miraculous events I was able to go to Chicago with Todd while he had conferences for work.  Seriously, THANK YOU so much to Jade and Grace and Rosemary for watching the kids!  It was a much needed break.
We left on Saturday, May 5th and returned Wednesday evening. Unfortunately is was pretty cold and rainy the whole time, but I still had fun exploring the streets of Chicago.
Our hotel was right off the Magnificent Mile, which is pretty much the main strip, so I was able to walk to all of the good shopping and restaurants.
 I hopped on the Red Trolley to drive all over the city.  Pretty cool.  Lots of neat history.  It really made me want to learn more about the Mafia. 

 One day I stopped at Marilyn and she was standing, the next day she was all in pieces.

 And the best part...all the food.  Oh, glorious food.
Giadorno's stuffed pizza

Portillo's Chicago style hot dog