Friday, November 8, 2013

Back to School

Amy came to visit right before we headed back to school on August 7th.
Can someone please take some pictures of ME with my children? 
And then have them magically upload like this? Okay? Thanks. 



 -Second Grade-

-Fourth Grade-

Carver. In preschool.  Melts my heart just typing it.  
He was so excited to go to "his school". He didn't start until a week after the girls did, and each day he would wake up and ask, "Is it my school day yet?"
I hope I never forget the image of him strapping on his backpack every 
 Tuesday and Thursday morning.  So proud of himself.
He loves it.  

Charlotte in Kindergarten.  Where do I even begin? Charlotte has been my napper.  During preschool last year it wasn't uncommon for her to come home and take a two hour afternoon nap three times a week.  We were down to only one most weeks during the summer.  
I still knew all day kindergarten would be hard for her. 
Honestly, it's been hard for everyone.  
When Charlotte is tired she is mean. Or maybe she isn't tired and she is just mean? 
It's not fun.  I try to be ever so patient, but it is hard not to get angry and/or frustrated with her behavior.  I miss my sweet little girl.  I really do.  Some days I question if this is just the new norm. Is Charlotte going to be miserable her whole life? I hope not.  Her teacher assures me that she is her go-to-girl. She can't say enough about how wonderful she is in class.  Although I am relieved that she is great at school, it makes me sad that she appears so unhappy at home.  I am hoping we will get to a turning point here where she has a change of heart...where she can be happy and fun instead of grumpy and whiny all the time. 
Regardless, I love her. I really do.  I just miss the sweet little Charlotte. But, to end on a good note - she has the sweetest, most heartfelt prayers.  I need to secretly record them, because they are genuine and beautiful. She thanks Heavenly Father for the trees and the flowers and the beautiful sky, she includes little details about her day, and she remembers to ask for blessings for people that I often forget...I just love them.  They are sweet.  She is sweet.  We just need to work on consistency :)

Macie, Macie, Macie.
Mace is one of a kind.  I think Charlotte learned some of her greatest skills from Mace.
Macie has had a pretty eventful year, which I will document later, but she is growing up to say the least.  I wish my kids could all freeze in time at certain stages.  Two. Two is great.  I just don't like them growing up and becoming independent.  I don't like that I have to nag Macie about sucking her thumb at night, because really I would like it just fine if she could sit on my lap and suck her thumb and twist her blanket all day long.  But there comes a point...or that is what I am told...that that all has to stop. And Mom has to be the enforcer that makes growing up happen in a socially acceptable way. Bummer for me. 
Macie is a perfectionist.  She has the greatest handwriting. As a leftie she doesn't even slant the wrong direction! She loves to read. At her parent-teacher conference a couple of weeks ago she tested above the 98% in all the reading and comprehension categories, so she has been referred to special programs. (Yet if you ask her she would say something like, "I don't even know how to read. Everyone reads faster than me!")
She is also quite the artist.  I love going to school and seeing her stories and illustrations hanging in the hall. 

Some of her work from last year -first grade- just because I had it uploaded already.

Riley.  Riley gives me hope for the rest of em'.  Riley had some hard times with respect and attitude, but she has turned out lovely. :)
Riley is responsible, hard working, and creative.  She loves to make crafts and she has the amazing ability to watch youtube videos to figure out complicated things like weaving little elastics together into intricate bracelets. She is a wonderful student and friend. She is a leader and a good example at church.  She tries really hard to do what is right.  She wants to be good. We are lucky to have her. Oh, and all my friends love her because she likes to hold the babies and play with the little kids while we (the moms) chat.

El Presidente!

(Or, the slap in the face we all saw coming.) 

Todd was made Branch President on July 28th. 
He is pretty awesome.  
That is all I have to say about that. 

Since I didn't post on Father's Day, here is a little ditty the kids learned for church. We were gone that Sunday (to Amy's wedding), so this was a special encore. It cracks me up every time.  Who are these kids?  I've never seen them be serious or cooperate as long as they do in this video.  
A true treasure captured for posterity. 

Salt Lake City

Seriously, I am so behind.  This was so long ago I can't remember anything about it.  
But we were there in July.  
Temple Square-



the Children's Museum-


These two crazies did the Sky Coaster.

We finished off our summer travels visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson, who, ironically enough, weren't in Denver on our way to or home from Idaho.

Then it was back to good ol' Kentucky.

Idaho Falls

After a day at Palisades Todd flew back to Owensboro and we spent a week in Idaho Falls at Grandma and Grandpa Madsen's house.

Riley finally started her mowing career

The Idaho Falls Zoo-

 Tie-dye with Grandma

Of course there were sewing projects!
     Charlotte and Macie made pillow cases and Riley used her
         lawn mowing money to buy fabric for a minky blanket. 

Carver pretty much ran around the store collecting candy and other treasures while the girls sewed. 
Good thing Grandpa is so patient!

Thanks to my mom, I got to spend a couple of days with my high school besties 
at Katy's family cabin up in Driggs.
Mom took the kids to the zoo again and to swim at Reinhart park. (Oh, the childhood memories I have from swimming at Reinhart. Is it just me, or did Mom drop us off and return hours later?  Seems like we spent a good amount of time unsupervised.  And cold.)
All so I could stay up talking and laughing with these girls until 4 in the morning.  

I love the temple, and I really miss living so close to one.  I love that my kids understand the importance of the temple and that temples make it possible for families to be together forever.
And I love that they continue to pray for a temple to be built in Owensboro. No matter how unrealistic that seems to me, their faith is undaunted!

We love Grandma and Grandpa so much.  
Whether sewing, boating, or picking raspberries, they are always fun!