Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fun

I am one of Macie's Girl Scout leaders and we decided to go to Trunnel Farms for our first field trip.  The whole family went, cause when you're in charge you can do things like that. We did the corn maze, picked pumpkins, painted pumpkins, played in corn and other fall like activities. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holiday World

Last Saturday we took the thirty minute trip to Holiday World, located in Santa Claus, Indiana.
We've heard a lot about Holiday World, including their GREAT water park, and free Pepsi and sunscreen. 
A friend from church had free tickets so we snagged them up quickly!  The water park is closed already, but the Pepsi was still flowing.  It was the last weekend it was open, so it wasn't crowded and the weather was a perfect 80 degrees.

I think the whole concept is quite hilarious.  The park is divided into "holidays".  There is the Christmas area, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Halloween, each with corresponding music and themed rides. 

It's pretty much a corny Lagoon.  They have two of the world's top rated roller coasters.  Riley and Todd went on The Voyage and The Legend.  Todd said they were top notch.  I made the mistake of going on the Turkey Whirl with Macie.  It made me want to Hurl. 

While Dad and Riley did the roller coasters we hung out at Holidog Land.  A HUGE play area with a water fountain and some kid rides.

And, the main attraction....SANTA!

Todd and Riley and Macie rode Pilgrims Plunge until they shut the place down. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Before and After

It's been done since June, but, as you know, I am not one to be up-to-date on these things.  I figured I would wait until I got decorations in the family room, but that is proving to be much more difficult and time consuming than I thought. 
I made the drapes, but now I'm not loving them.  I want to get this couch from Ikea to replace the red plaid one against the little half wall by the kitchen. 
And the fireplace is still not done.  I am planning on painting over the yucky tile with the white color and then doing a stencil design with the blue color. 
I love the kitchen.  The only problem I am having in there is the space above the cupboards.  I'm not a fan of knick-knacks....but what else do you put up there?  I left it bare for a month or two, then moved some craftys from other areas.  I'm still not sure.  Once you put one thing does that mean you have to fill the whole area with doo-dads?

questionable knick-knacks
 questionable drapes:
 still-needs-a-lot-of-work family room:

And, not that you need video after all the pics, but does anyone know why my camera makes that clicky sound when I do video?  It's a Nikon D3100, and it's done it ever since I got it.Drives me crazy.