Saturday, May 17, 2014

Carver turns 4!

Hard to believe he is four.  
  He is growing up.  
No matter how much I try to make him stop, he just goes on getting bigger and bigger. He is such a big boy.
He loves to eat bananas, and he always asks me to take the 'wrapper' off
He gets himself dressed most days
His favorite show is Wild Kratts
He loves going to preschool and to the gym with mom
He loves to play with his friends Kendall, Ellie and Logan
He likes to show me how fast he can run, how high he can swing, and how fast he can ride his bike
His favorite toys are matchbox cars and Transformers
He loves the Ipad and playing games on my phone
And he is becoming more boy every day...laughing at burps and trying to make fart noises with his armpit. It is all a little foreign to us, but also pretty funny. 
We love him!

Some recent Carver quotes:
Me- When we get home we can go on a bike ride!
Carver- Yay! A bike ride!
*long silence*
Carver- Mom, what's a bike ride?
Me - uuuh, it's when we ride our bikes.
Carver - Oh, yeah. 

The other night as I tuck him into bed-
Carver - Mom, after bedtime do all the super heroes come out?
Me - Yep.

Four year stats-


Sunday after church shots, since Todd is gone in the morning. 
No one was happy to stay in their dresses until he got home from meetings.

 We always do our Easter activities on Saturday so Sunday morning isn't so crazy.  

This one is sooo beautiful when she isn't crying or whining-

Spring Break 2014 - Nauvoo and St. Louis

By Spring Break Todd had accepted the Questar offer.  We tried to think of things we hadn't done yet, but wanted to while we were still here. Nauvoo was the only place we hadn't managed to visit. We've been pretty adventurous.  We've visited Nashville, Louisville, Atlanta, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Gatlinburg, Chicago, Orlando...not many regrets.  But I do wish we would have hit the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. 
Anyway, off to Nauvoo! 
It is about a six hour drive. We stopped half way in St. Louis and went to City Museum one last time. 

There were very few visitors at Nauvoo, so we got plenty of attention from all the sweet missionaries.
Great lighting in the visitors center-

We started with a wagon ride through the city. Got a little background information on all the buildings and attractions.

At the Family Living Center we learned how our Mormon ancestors lived in the 1800's, how they made bread, candles, pottery, rope, rugs, wagons, horse shoes and bricks. 

It really was amazing to learn how hard working and resourceful the pioneers were. 

 Had to get cold root beer at Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store-

At my Great, Great, Great Grandpa Yearsley's home right below the temple. 

On Sunday morning we drove to Carthage, but nothing was "open" until later in the day and we needed to hit the road.  It was still cool to go see the jail, read all the monuments, and walk around a bit.

On our way home we stopped at the St. Louis Temple and the Arch, since last time we didn't get to ride to the top. 



I love these little traveling buddies.  They are troopers!