Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let Christmas begin!

Riley, Macie, Charlotte and Carver,
Hello! I am Elfie’s little sister.
My name is also Elfie.
I am so excited to come to your house this year!
I can’t wait to tell Santa how you have been doing every day.
Remember to always be nice and obedient…I’ll be watching you.
Love, Elfie

P.S. Elfie wanted me to tell you he will miss you,
but Santa put him on toy-making duty this year!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Boro

We had the missionaries and Jon and Elizabeth Cullen, who are new members, over for Thanksgiving. 
Of course I didn't buy our turkey in time to thaw it in the fridge, so I looked up how long to cook it starting from frozen.  Everything said time and a half, so we put the bird in the oven at 9 a.m. hoping to eat at four.  Well, I think it was more like 6:30 when we sat down 'round the table.  It was a long day, but it was good.  When we finally sat down I think we were all starving, so we appreciated it all the more.
We had the normal ham, turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, rolls, spinach salad, sweet potatoes, and, new to us, but apparently a staple Thanksgiving side dish in the South, macaroni and cheese. It was a lot of food. 

(Elder Thompson's plate.  I was impressed with his stacking skills.)
You know what is wierd?  Thanksgiving with no TV.  Yep, no football, no ELF, no nothing.  I wish we would have had some church approved movie like Johnny Lingo or something.  That would have been nice.

(Macie came home from school on Tuesday in this little Indian outfit.)
Before we all sat down to eat, I served the girls their plates.  We had arms folded and heads bowed for the prayer when Macie blurted, "What IS THIS?" as she pointed to her plate.
"Green bean casserole," I informed.
"I am not thankful for this."

Unfortunately we didn't think to take a family pic until people were half way
out the door and the kids were transitioning into pajamas. 
Note to self: take pictures before cooking for five hours.

We ended the day skyping with my family in Idaho Falls.  It didn't last long because there was a wacky delay and the kids were exhausted.  Riley cried when we ended because she missed everyone.  It led to a good talk about Kentucky and what the heck we are doing here, which was good for the both of us :) 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Carver Todd.

Charlotte almost always refers to Carver as Carver Todd. 
 I can't explain why, because I don't think I've ever called him by his first and middle name. 
Lately she adds Todd to everyone's name. 
Daddy Todd.
Macie Todd.
Riley Todd.
It's pretty cute.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Before the weather gets ugly

we are making sure to go on lots of bike rides.  These pictures are from about three weeks ago.  The last two weeks have been warm enough for rides, but it has been rainy and a little windy.
Why does Charlotte look Chinese in this pic?
They are good little riders.  Every once in a while Carver gets feisty and pinches and pulls Charlotte's hair.  I think it's a bit funny that he can get her so upset...she needs to learn some defensive technique!

We live two blocks away from the walking trail; it could be my favorite part about Owensboro.

If we go a mile on the trail we get to a soccer complex with great toys...and even better, if we go about three miles on the trail we get to Dairy Queen.

Who dat?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week of Amy

Aunt Amy came to visit last Monday.  She flew direct to Owensboro, so I got the girls out of school to go
pick her up.  It was incredible!  The plane flew right over and landed on the runway literally less than one hundred yards from us. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to document her arrival, our awesome sign, or the joy on the girls' faces.  Next time, Amy, next time. 
Amy spent her first day here entertaining all the kids while I made homemade rolls (practice run for Thanksgiving). Once again I was reminded of why I don't make them often.  They are wonderful, but it is a lot of work!
 We had dinner (and rolls) with the missionaries and an investigator, followed by a Family Home Evening on the Holy Ghost.  As you can see, Elder Thomson had the girls' complete attention.

Tuesday the girls were out of school for Election Day.  Seriously, Election Day. Want to know the surest way to get me NOT to vote?  Send all my kids home from school. 
Way to go, Kentucky.
 We utilized the time by getting ice cream cones and feather extensions.

On Wednesday it was to Riley's class for a read aloud.
(Amy's kind of a big deal like that.)

Then to Macie's class.

And lastly, Charlotte's preschool.

  On Thursday Amy had lunch with Riley and Mace at school,
then we made gingerbread houses when they got home. 

Are we still going?
I think during this UNO game I was taking my record breaking 3rd uninterrupted bath of the week. 
Thanks for coming to visit us, Amy!  We love you!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


The Owensboro League of Superheroes!

And their arch nemesis "Toxic Avenger".
(Todd brought this get-up home from work, adding to the confusion about what he actually does there.)

We started Halloween on Saturday at the branch fall festival, Halloween party and chili cook-off.  We had a good time and everyone loved Todd's costume.  I also wore my awesome jump suit.  We were pretty bored after we got home, so we went outside and tried to entertain ourselves. 

Monday after school we headed straight over to Todd's office, then we got ready for the main event: 
(Door to door trick-or-treating is alive and well in Owensboro.  Last year we had over 200 kids come!)
Macie went with Josalyn and her family on a golf cart.  She came in with the biggest haul.  The rest of us went to a party at the Rowlend's.  We did some trick-or treating, had snacks, and met some fun, new friends.