Sunday, May 26, 2013

Harlem Shake

We spent a good portion of March watching girl's high school basketball.  All-American and Junior Olympian Becca Greenwell plays for Owensboro Catholic High School, which makes for pretty good local basketball. I took Riley and Macie to a couple of the regional games, then we made the state tournament more of a family affair.  Kentucky holds a true regional tournament.  School size makes no difference. At the state level there was an all girls private school with an enrollment of about 600, Owensboro Catholic, which may even be less, and teams from Louisville that have a few thousand kids enrolled.  It was really fun to watch. So much talent.  And real Division One talent, like talent headed to Duke, Tennessee, UConn, Louisville, etc.
One of the most entertaining parts was when the student sections competed in the Harlem Shake.
Now, I had heard of the Harlem Shake, but I just didn't get it.
Then it all made sense.
It was awesome.
It led to this on a Sunday afternoon:

Some state tourney pics from Riley's Ipod:
 The games were at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, which is about 45 minutes away. WKU is home of the Hilltoppers. Unfortunately Big Red, weirdest college mascot ever, wasn't around.

For Catholic's first round game I took Macie and Riley out of school.
When I got back from taking Macie to the bathroom, Riley had a big smile on her face and this picture on her Ipod.  I thought it pretty brave of her to go up and ask Becca for a picture.  When I questioned who had taken it, she replied, "I don't know. That girl over there."

It may seem weird, but Becca is a pretty big deal.  I think she ended up being ranked fourth in the nation.  And it is totally fine by me that the girls look up to her.  She is a great example of hard work, sportsmanship, and dedication. 
She is headed to Duke next year.  We are hoping Jabrari Parker converts her.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Macie's Happenings

 Macie is special.  In more ways than one.  She thinks she is special to Grandpa Johnson because they are both lefties. She thinks she is special to Grandpa Madsen because they have the same birthday.  We know she is special because she has an extra tooth.  I'm sure it will be an orthodontic nightmare, but for now we just go on letting it make her feel special. 

 Macie's first grade performance was Around the World
She requested the distinguished position of "Limbo Girl" and was successful in her endeavors. 

Charlotte Turns Five

My sweet Valentine Baby!  Charlotte has changed so much this past year.  She no longer loves quesadillas, for-crying-out-loud! Now she is all about chips and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. When she likes something, she really likes it!
She loves to play mom and dad or school with anyone willing, and she can usually convince either Macie or Carver to play along.  She likes to ride her bike and play with her friend, Alaina, who lives across the street. She still sucks her thumb and cuddles her blankie.
During preschool, which is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she will easily take three naps a week.  Learning and socializing are apparently exhausting!
She loves going to Primary, but she is still very timid and skeptical (read: crocodile tears and hyperventilate-type crying) of unfamiliar or "scary" situations like getting x-rays or going to kindergarten orientation.

At her five year check-up it was discovered that Charlotte has scoliosis. We did x-rays to discover it is an 11 degree curvature from T9 to L4, which is considered very mild, but it is something we will definitely watch.  She will have x-rays to check it every six months. Other than that, she is uber healthy. In fact, the pediatrician said she is the size of the average seven-year-old.

Five years-
Weight- 52 lbs, 95%
Height- 47 inches, 99%
Blood Pressure - 92/64

Monday, May 13, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine Boxes-

Macie's Valentines-

Riley has a hard time keeping her eyes open-
About this time of year we were all taking turns with colds and fevers.