Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grandma Madsen

We got back from Gatlinburg on August 5th, started school on the 8th, and on August 19th my dad called to let us know Grandma Madsen had passed away.
When we were in Idaho just a month earlier we spent some time with Grandma and I was amazed at how healthy she was. She was happy and beautiful.
While we were in Tennessee my dad told us she had taken a sharp turn and was mostly sleeping, not eating much and not very responsive. I was pretty surprised, since we had been with her three weeks earlier and she had seemed so healthy...but I guess it wasn't really shocking since she was almost 93 years old.
I am so grateful that we got to see her while she was healthy.
I have so many memories of Grandma Madsen. She was such an amazing woman!
I will always remember how sweet she was. Always happy and smiling. Always reading her scriptures and the Reader's Digest. :)
She was so strong. Always willing to walk out to the cows and horses with me and my kids. Always willing to search for the baby kittens so the girls could see them!
And there are some funny childhood memories that will always be with me, like picking her raspberries. I specifically remember that she would encourage us to wear long sleeve shirts so our arms wouldn't get scraped up. Of course, it was hot, so we never did, and I am sure she thought we were so stupid for it when we were whining and complaining about our scratched up arms!
I will remember things like her crunchy green carpet and how we would get into the cupboard next to the piano, lay on the crunchy carpet and do puzzles and play Old Maid. And then, how twenty years later, my kids lay on that same carpet and did the exact puzzles and played the exact same Old Maid game at her house.
She always had cold pop in the fridge in the summer and a cozy fire in the wood burning stove in the winter. She always had cookies in her cookie jar. And I loved the little plastic yellow cups she had. They had a little silver fleck in them. Weird, but I always thought they were cool.
I remember, as a kid, racing around her house and having to jump over the silver irrigation pipe on the south side under the kitchen window. Or how we would run into the cool, dark potato cellar and yell just to hear our echo. And how I absolutely loved, and still love, the distinct dirt smell that was in there.
She was pretty awesome. By her example I think everyone who knew her learned what she valued in life. She knew "things" weren't important. You don't need "stuff" to be happy. Family, friends, relationships, knowledge...that stuff mattered.
We will miss her, but I am sure she is loving being with her husband and family in Heaven!

School 2012

First day of school!
Let it be known: In my mind, the girls had adorable first day outfits.  They, on the other hand, thought these clothes were just right. I don't think they've ever worn the cute coordinated outfits I bought.
 I guess it's all about the t-shirt this year.
But as long as Macie can limit herself to one wardrobe change a day and Riley doesn't pull her t-shirt into an elastic in the back, I am completely satisfied.
{Third Grade}
{First Grade}



We pulled into Owensboro on Sunday Morning.

We caught up on laundry, cleaned the house, and went to the pool until Friday afternoon when we packed up again to go to Gatlinburg, TN.

Six short hours later we were with Morgan!

We stayed two nights in a beautiful mountain top cabin with great views.

We ate famous pancakes-

We played in the river and caught butterflies-

We hiked-

(Well, some hiked and some napped in the car.)

And THEN we zip lined!

Riley was pretty much the best 8-year-old zip liner ever.
Thanks, Morgan! Best tour guide ever!

We spent one last night in the cabin, went to church on Sunday with Morgan, ate delicious pizza, dropped Pat and Dale off in Knoxville, then headed back home, where school starts in THREE days!

Back to Kentucky

The trip home was much less painful this year.
We stopped in Logan for a quick visit with Rose and Susie, loaded up on Aggie gear, and showed the kids where we lived when we first got married.
We spent another night at Brad and Ali's house so we could spend a day with Keith and Jamie and Janet.
Then it was off to Denver. The girls were silly with Aunt Lizzy.
Then Macie konked her noggin on the counter and it was time to go again!
We made it home.
And I brought back the usual "not found in Kentucky" items: Otter Pops and Country Style egg noodles.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bear Lake Reunion

At this point we had reunited with everyone in the family except Jared.
 But we just couldn't get enough.

The Talent Show-

The girl cousins had a super cute dance all ready to go, unfortunately we had some technical difficulties that led to confusion and a premature ending.

Todd and Riley taught us how to Dougie-


 We spent two days on the lake.  The kids played for hours in the sand.  It was wonderful!

And Riley skied!!