Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Snow Days

We had fourteen snow days this year.  I think two of them were actually deserving, and that was because of ice.  The other twelve? A little skiff and the whole public education system shuts down.  We made do with lots of crafting, baking, smores making, movie watching and even some Louisville Women's Basketball.

Yes, we have a gas fireplace, but we needed to use this little roaster Amy left us at least once.

You know I'm getting batty when I let them get out the glitter...

Then a stomach bug ran through our house like wildfire.  Saturday night Macie threw up, Sunday morning it had taken Mom and Riley, and by Sunday afternoon Todd was in the trenches as well. It was vomiting and horrible body aches for twelve hours.  It seemed to go as quickly as it came.  Monday was a snow day and everyone had gone the day without any more puking, so we hit the road for Louisville Women's last home game of the season.  The sun was shining, the roads were clear, so why not?  We had fun and were out late, but no worries - school was canceled again on Tuesday so everyone slept in.  

And then they finally went back to school for a full week and there was much rejoicing.

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