Thursday, May 15, 2014

Charlotte's 6th Birthday

Charlotte is six! 

Her first manicure - so exciting!

Charlotte is pretty fantastic!
This is where I would normally put all her 6 year check up stats...but they are packed.  Along with two library books.  Sorry, Owensboro Public Library; they are headed to SLC.
To say the least, she is growing and healthy.  Her scoliosis hasn't changed at all, which is awesome.
Charlotte is an excellent student.  She is pretty tight lipped about what goes on at school.  I ask her everyday what they did and she always says, "I don't know! Stuff!"
That changed this last week.  Her class raised butterflies from chrysalis. She runs in the door and tells me about it everyday.  I love it.  I love getting updates on how many are out, which one broke its wing, which one died, etc.  Her teacher brought in a real tent and they get to go in it with the butterflies.  One went on her nose and her hand! So fun.
She is a star student.  Her teacher says she is often the example and reads aloud to the class.
At home, however, homework is quite the battle, which I totally don't get.  It takes her about five minutes and is very easy.
She is pretty emotional.  Cries at just about anything - we are working on it.
But we love her. In all her drama.  All her freckles and whispy hairs. Her massive sweet tooth.
Her beautiful smile.  It's all good.

Charlotte did the circus performance at school this year.  She came home from school one day and informed me that she was selected to be a hula-hooping bear.  And she was worried.
"They had everyone hula-hoop, and I actually did it. And then they picked me!
But I don't really know how - it just happened!"
Despite her worries, it all worked out and she hula-hooped perfectly.

Now those are some dedicated teachers-

We will  miss Highland.  Such a great school. They really know how to put on a show.  Despite the fact that they never get recess - we love it and will miss it dearly! 

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