Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Madsen Family Cruise

For Christmas Pat and Dale got all the Madsen kids a cruise to the Bahamas! Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were so kind and came and watched the kids for us.  I don't have any pictures of what they did, but Macie declared it the best week of the year!

We left Owensboro in the coldest weather they'd had in twenty years or something like that.
Miami was beautiful! 80 and sunny, but the storm system caught up to us once we got to our first port.  It was cold.  Well, 70 degrees and horribly windy.  Not exactly beach weather, but much better than 20 below.

Todd winning big on the slots.  A whole $5!

At dinner one night I tried to get everyone to pose for a group shot.  They all thought I was ridiculous because we had hundreds of group shots throughout the trip.  
Nope. Not one single one.
See? People should always listen to me. 

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