Saturday, May 17, 2014

NCAA Women's Final Four in Nashville

We wanted to actually go to the final four games, but they were on Sunday.  As I looked up the schedule I saw they had a bunch of activities on Saturday.  We loaded up Saturday morning and headed to downtown Nashville. 
TourneyTown was at Music City Center all day with tons of activities - rock climbing, face painting, batting cages, and a bunch of games.

The Broadway Bounce was our main reason for going.  All the kids got basketballs and t-shirts and dribbled around the block of Bridgestone Arena.  Thousands of kids did it.  When we started it sounded like thunder with all the balls bouncing.  


After the bounce we headed over to watch Stanford practice.

Of course we ended the day at Jack's BBQ.  It was a super fun day; one that I hope the kids will remember.  At this point Todd had received the offer from Questar and we were pretty sure we were going to move.  I kept telling the kids that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  They didn't know -but I did- that this would probably be the last time they were in Nashville.
Which is sad.  I love that town.

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